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Dependable & User Friendly! Increase Profitability of Your Face Paced Business Operations!


  • Award winning POS services & extremely user friendly!
  • See TV's endorsement of our solutions: To See Click Link:  & To See Click Link:
  • Purchase outright or take advantage of our LOW COST payment options!
  • Reduce scams & shrinkage! Tracks all transactional footprints!
  • Keep your current merchant processor or save even more with our bundled solution!
  • Free training & menu changes after activation! 
  • Local 24/7 technical support! You will not catch us farming out our technical support overseas to Baderkaderkastan!
  • Process Transactions Even When the Internet is Down!
  • Custom tailor the design of your POS screens the way you want!
  • MODIFIERS: Reduce ordering time & get all your options on one screen with our fast, simple & customizable multi-column modifiers.  No need to click through endless screens anymore. What a time saver!.To See Click Link:
  • WIRELESS POS: Add tablets & allow servers to place customer orders tableside for faster service!  Great for peak times & seasonal patio usage! Increase customer turnover by encouraging tableside orders!To See Click Link:
  • REMOTE ACCESS: Access store-level data from anywhere via smartphone or tablet. Link your device to multiple stores, then send messages directly to your staff or POS system, update item prices, & view sales & labor data, pool-side if you like!To See Click Link: 
  • ONLINE ORDERING: Orders can be printed directly to your kitchen &  customers pay online too, removing wait staff from the payment process & increasing your business capacity with minimal in-house support. Online Ordering sites are designed to match your existing website for a consistent look and feel. Give your customers flexibility in ordering & increase satisfaction, all with a customized online order option.To See Click Link:
  • CCTV CAMERA TIE IN: Improve security & reduce loss. Monitor your business with built-in, event-driven video & real-time surveillance. Integrate with your existing security system to maintain a DVR recording of customer & employee actions, with text overlay from your Future POS system, for on-screen logging ofactions performed on the POS system and on your business premises To See Click Link:

Award winning & user friendly POS solutions tailored to the needs of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the Atlanta region and Georgia. Reliable, cost effective POS systems deemed the simplest and fastest order entry process of any POS system out there dealing within the hospitality industry . Robust feature rich back office capabilities considered the lowest in the industry when combined with our low cost processing. While not required save more money when bundling your POS needs with our low cost processing. We will match  your processing rates. Local 24/7 technical support. Our POS systems will not miss a beat when your internet is down.


"Keep'm Honest!  Use us to verify pricing of your current phone provider!

Average savings of 20% to 60% on voice and data!

Eliminate overpricing by Major Carriers! 80% of new businesses are oversold by direct dealing with Majors!

  • Full 1.54MBPS T-1 connection from $169 a month!

  • Full PRI starting at $199 per month + 1 Free month of service!                                                                                                                 
  • $19.99 a month Business Phone Service. Call for pricing in your area!
  • 30 Meg Internet from $55 a month!
  • Bundled offers from our Cable companys: 16Meg Internet+1Biz line+TV at $105 month!
  • Add TV on your Cable service from  as low as $4.95 a month!
  • Wireless Internet @ $50 a month availaible! Call to determine availaibility for your area!
  • HOSTED VOIP PHONE SYSTEMS:  Avoid inflated offerings peddled by greedy Cable Companies! Great for telecommuters! Have the power of a high end phone system without the huge capital expense! Seats per unit on average between $20-$30 depending on application.


 Business or Home

  • State of the art UL Certified  monitoring
  • Commerical Fire Monitoring!
  • Cellular monitoring!
  • Ask about our bundled offers with Satellite TV!

We Shop CCTV Deals for Business 

  • Quality Color CCTV Camera Surveillance + DVR :  
  • Remotely watch your business or home from your Cell Phone!
  • Stop inventory shrinkage in it's tracks! Tie into Restaurant POS system!



  1. How many units do you need? If unsure divide service areas into stations to figure out (bar / server areas).  Ideally stations aren’t over lapping. The goal is how fast  can your employees efficiently make you money at the least amount of cost. Usual rule of thumb is 1 station per every $25K in monthly processing production.
  2. How many security levels are there in your POS system?  Who do you want to grant access to? Are there levels to safeguard sensitive information?
  3. How many reporting requirements do you require with your POS unit?
  4. Does my restaurant require the use of peripheral devices like handhelds?   Keep in mind the more time lags between customer and your servers equal less revenue production for you!  A Handheld  solutions does chip down lag times here & enhances security perception in eyes of client when performing processing at the table.
  5. How many control levels does the POS have?  (stock control &  a drink recipes list are example). Ask yourself will I be alerted to low inventory or do I have remote abilities to review activity and standing?
  6. What is my budget for POS? Without being deemed snarky here, honestly define your actual needs & assess if you are either being
    1. “Cheaper than free lunch” is not the right POS formula to handle your business! Lean & Mean is good but Lean & Lame is not!
    2. A poster child of having “Champagne taste with a Budweiser Budget”. Caveat emptor with those willing to sell to your wallet paper thin offerings instead of appealing to your mind & best interests!
    3. Are you willing to forgo quality & service for the temporary sweet taste of savings that normally turns bitter in the long run?
  7. Define what type of POS system do you require - wireless or wired system?   Remember to think beyond the seducing bling of high tech gadgetries & keep an open mind with  the possibility of long term serviceability concerns using wireless devices.
  8. Does your POS provider offer installation and training? Keep in mind many do not and charge additional for services.
  9. What are the software & hardware level of support with my POS provider? Keep in mind there are companies out there who are not accountable in bundling services.  If services are not  integrated (such as hardware / software / processing) you could be setting yourself up to be in the time/money wasting crossfire of finger pointing service providers abdicating ownership & timely resolution efforts involving  POS hiccups!
  10. Will your current CCTV be integratable with your wanted POS system? Best to look into this one since we live in a litigious society with blood sucking lawyers running amuck itching to pick your wallet with alcohol serving liability issues involving their drunk driving clients! Besides, it enhances efforts in keeping down employee theft.



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